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I have a problem.

My friend knew my secret several days ago. He sew my article by accident.  My secret is about some unhappy and embarrassing things and I don't want to let other know.

For example,My illness, some unknown know little bitterness in my heart。

I am a girl and my friend is a boy.

Now, What  should I do?

4 de Ago de 2016 às 12:03
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Become his girlfriend. Then he will want to protect your secret because he'll want to protect you.

4 de Agosto de 2016
It's kind of contradiction. If you don't wanna let him found your feeling. Why were you posted it in the public space?
4 de Agosto de 2016

Well, if it is secret, not talking about it on a public forum would be a start... Or maybe you should reconsider not keeping it secret from those who love you.

4 de Agosto de 2016
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