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Natalia Dubovik
Is it possible to learn Czech in 2,5 month to get A2 certificate?

Hello everyone! 

I want to apply to Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, but I don't know Czech at all. The deadline of application is 30th November and before it I need to pass the exam to get A2 certificate. I know that Czech is pretty difficult and I'm curious -- is it possible for me or maybe I should skip this year and try next autumn?


Have a nice day,


Aug 4, 2016 1:15 PM
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Czech is a language like any other. That means two things. First, yes it's difficult but because it is a language not because it is Czech. Scare tactics is the worst approach, don't listen to it, ignore it. Second, it's totally learnable. 

When studying a Slavic lang from another Slavic lang (eg. Czech from Russian) it's good to focus on few areas.

1/ strongly learn basic phrases and niceties. Will tell you a lot about how the language works.

2/ focus on robust vocab built up. Pay attention to "false friends". Study vocabulary every day.

3/ learn the endings. You know the big grammar from Russian, the concept is the same. Learn how verbs conjugate and how words decline in number, gender and case. Be consistent. Never mix Czech and Russian, the hybrid doesn't work.

4/ find a native speaker. Don't discuss grammar unless he or she is professional. Talk Czech only. Talk a lot, listen a lot.

August 7, 2016

Since you don't have an answer from a Czech yet:

Czech is a rather complicated language, it is said to be one of the three most difficult european languages, together with Hungarian and Finnish (but I don't know if that's really true, I don't have a reliable source, and for me it's simply my native language). For example, there are 14 different declension types of nouns, with 7 cases each, and singular/plural. So e.g. the comparison with German probably doesn't really count.

On the other hand, you know russian, which should be a lot of help. It probably won't  be very useful for vocabulary, as they differ too much, but you should be familiar with many of the concepts (it was ages ago when I last was learning russian, so I'm very hazy on details, but IIRC russian also uses e.g. noun declension).

I would say it's possible but only with quite some effort. There are many Russians living in the Czech Republic, so I would suggest finding a place where you could ask them what they think. Also, this got me a bit curious, so if you'd be interested, we could arrange to talk on Skype/Hangouts. I'm not a teacher, nor have any idea what exactly are the Czech A2 requirements, so it'd be only a possibility to talk to a Czech.

(I myself spent 16 days last summer in Cuba, learning Spanish in a school there, 4 hours a day. Together with 2 weeks studying on my own before that, I was able to start taking B1- (B one minus) classes here afterwards. But, for multiple reasons, that doesn't quite compare to your situation.)

August 7, 2016
I think it is possible for you since Czech is part of the West Slavic languages.  Also, I have seen people attempt the three month language challenges and reach B1, so I don't see why not, as long as you are focused and motivated. Also, being that your are fluent in Russian, and English, you know two significant gateway languages, and this should help you.
August 4, 2016
I`m from Germany and trying to learn Slovak, which is pretty close to Czech. It took my 3 years to get to A2, but I had a fulltime-job and no big help anywhere. Moreover you already know Russian very well, which might help a lot. If you are familiar with greater grammar rules (like latin) it will also help a lot. 
I`d say try to read some very easy texts in Czech and try to understand SOMETHING. If this works, you might as well manage to master A2 in your given time.
But you really have to concentrate on the language!
August 7, 2016

I suppose you're charged enough with motivation. Given this premise, yes, it is possible. 

I've got German ÖSD A2 certificate in 2 weeks(no previuos knowledge of German) and German ÖSD B2 in three months, being in posession of some knowledge and understanding of English.

Hence it will be much easier for you to accomplish your task, for you speak Russian already.

Kind regards,


August 5, 2016
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