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What comes to mind when you hear the word "money"? I personally don't have an exact answer to this question. On the one hand, honestly I wish to be rich everyday since having money, the more the better, definitely facilitate making many of my dreams true. But on the other hand, I recognize that money is not all about good stuff. There is a big dark side as well. A wealthy person don't know who to trust. They always doubt if their friends really like to be with them or not. Living in doubts can destroy anyone. This sometimes stops me to think how one(a rich man/woman) can live a good life, considering this huge disadvantage.... I wonder.

What do you think of money? Do you think money makes the world go round? In your opinion, can it buy happiness?
5 août 2016 12:02
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Where is it?
6 août 2016
I would like to be rich. Not horriby rich, just reasonably... Most of us tied to job, forced to live where we can find a job, always fear of loosing the job. It weights upon us. Like curse. I'm talking of adult people with children. And I love my job. But... I'm a workhorse, not a free bird, wich I would be with money!
12 août 2016


"Researchers from the Wright Patterson Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio, asked people standing in line at a grocery store checkout and at a high school concession stand to trade a $1 bill from their pocket for a new one. Then the doctors analyzed 68 of those old, worn bills.

Five of the bills contained bacteria that can cause an infection in perfectly healthy people, and 59 of them (that’s 87 percent) were contaminated with bacteria that could cause an infection in anyone with a compromised immune system, such as people with HIV or cancer.

Only four of the bills were relatively clean."

6 août 2016

"How would you spend a million if you had one?"
"Oh... Could you may be give me a thousad or two a month instead? I think, if I suddenly  got a million I would immediately start to think to whom should I give it and got nervous and.... so a little bit but each month would be much better I believe!"

(c) my friend L.

5 août 2016

Honestly, I believe that the comfortable life is so relevant to the amount people have. Additionally, The knowledge of the benefits that money can achieve is most important. This knowledge, and experience support people to increase their money, otherwise, people may spend all of their money for life expenses and one day they will not have money any more for future circumstances. sophisticated and experienced wealthy people can keep their money in certain business and use the achieved profits for life expenses, just a practical approach in business life.

5 août 2016
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