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Learning Article : How The Meaning Of ходить Changes With Its Prefix

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How The Meaning Of ходить Changes With Its Prefix

With Russian motion verbs, prefix is everything when it comes to determining the implied meaning. Avoid small mistakes that can send the wrong message in a big way with this article's advice.

Aug 6, 2016 12:00 AM
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Beware of the example with prefix по-

Since it's NOT a directional prefix, one might get a wrong understanding and a wrong idea about this concept.

Once you add a directional prefix to a verb of motion, you are no longer make a distinction between multidirectional and unidirectional motion. The direction of the motion has now been determined.

ходить(imperf) - приходить( imperf)//   Идти ( imperf)- прийти( perf)  

As a result, the indeterminate verb in the original pair will become imperfective, and the determinate will become perfective.

With non-directional meaning of prefixes though it's not the case.

ходить( imperf) - походить(perf)

That's why the example given in this article with prefix ПО- is incorrect.

One can't say " Кто- то по ней походил, а потом уходил в лес."

It should be ' Кто - то по ней походил, а потом ушёл в лес"

Just like when you express sequence of action  Мы послушали музыку, поговорили и ушли, using perfectives


August 7, 2016
Nice article. I remember we all avoid verbs of motion in class :D :D
We usually cringe when the teacher says "Сегодня наша тема это глаголы движения" :D :D
October 16, 2016
Very useful and detailed, well done!
August 17, 2016
Do I should use feminine adjective in present tense verbs ?
January 9, 2018
There used to be some pictures) If you have any questions or want to see the pictures, inbox me))
February 9, 2020
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