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Try to understand This is  first time I leave my country and families for long time. 3 years I will stay another country without comeback to vacation because company didnt give me off duty to vacation. This is so hard for but I must do it. I know, life is not easely. Sometimes we must leave peoples who love us for a moment.
Aug 6, 2016 3:06 PM
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No vacation? 3 years away from family sounds like a vacation to me. 
August 6, 2016
And in a year, I'm going to leave my family and stay in another country for several years too. I'm looking forward to studying there, you know, new life, new friends, that's so exciting!! If you really feel depressed, you can just keep yourself busy, or talk to your family through Skype (thanks to the Internet)
August 7, 2016

I want to suggest that you speak to some other Indonesians who have left their home to work in another country.

They may know that you must be allowed some time to go home (maybe after one or two years).

Your family is so lucky because I am sure you will support your family.

You are sacrificing a lot for your family and they will benefit a lot from your work.

You are doing a wonderful thing for your family... never forget that is the reason you are doing this.

Always know that because of you, your family will have a better life.

May God be with you always... 

August 6, 2016
Also I leave my country and my family. I live in the North Italy and it' s bad to leave the Your family.[emoji]
August 6, 2016
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