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What does "the wholesale cut and paste of a message spoken in tongues" mean? The context: The complexity of the problem is so intricateas to be scarcely graspable: sometimes minuscule, like drop-‐out in a piece of digital music, or then surreal, like the wholesale cut and paste of a message spoken in tongues, at which we all stand astonished, including him. 
7 Ağu 2016 11:22
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Wholesale cut and paste means that very little of the text is original, it has simply been copied and pasted from other sources. The spoken in tongues part is a biblical reference to not making any sense, and probably means that each part copies was written by a different person, talking about a different topic, using their own vocabulary. 

In other words, a complete unintelligible mess :)

7 Ağustos 2016
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