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Mr. Robot and Dear B. Clemntine

I watch Mr Robot and I waited a lot for the second season. Thank god the second one released. I quit underestand Eliot's situiation and his feeling and depressions kinda.

So I  really like Rami Malik who plays the role of Eliot. I found out there's an interview with him by Jimmy Fallon so I watched it and Gosh he is just awesome. What a briliant voice he got. And as usual the last of this show there is a live song/gig/ concert(?), I like this idea.

The singer and the musician is Benjamin Clemntine... Just took my breath away. I think I found what I needed this whole time.

I am under lots of pressure these days since I had an exam and I am waiting for the result. Damn result. Wish me luck guys.

I have a recommendation, listen to" Benjamin Clemntine- The people an I "and the rest I guess. I can't stop this track and go for the others on his pretty album.

excuse my mistakes and I'll appreciate if you correct them.:)

What have you listened lately that you really liked it?

Aug 7, 2016 5:38 PM
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