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Starting Arabic

I have never studied Arabic.. I have no idea where to start, which makes me nervous. Should I start learning how to speak or write or both? I am not trying to focus on any dialect at this moment, what what are your recommendations?

Aug 8, 2016 4:07 AM
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Hi Karla .. 

1-  learn the Arabic alphabet well.

2- download Arabic dictionary .

3- read , write , speak and listening at the same time .. 

4- find someone who speaks Arabic and befriend .. (for practice and improve) ..

notice " there are several types of Arabic : Modern standard , classical Qur'anic and colloquial " .

Feel free to ask me anything about Arabic .. Good luck :)

August 8, 2016


I would suggest that you learn to read and write first, it will help you in the long run. This video series is excellent for that

Once you can read, try the free course at 

It has videos and will teach you the basics in a solid way.  Even if you only do book 1, I would highly recommend it before you move on to anything else.

August 8, 2016

I hope this will help you .. and if you need any help just feel free to ask me

August 16, 2016

There's a lot of Arabic dialects, such as : Egyptian, Moroccan, Algerian...

The entirely of Our public elementary and primary education is taught in Classical Arabic. We actually understand it, but we don't speak at all, it not like we don't know how to, it just that every Arabic country has it's own dialect, but they're all responsive to Classical Arabic.Also, there's no way to learn an Arabic dialect from books, it just comes with practice, every dialect has it's own privacy, but it still  close to the Classical Arabic. As a Moroccan Arabic native-speaker, I can understand any Arabic dialect, but I can't speak it, because I'm not used to. The Algerian and Moroccan Arabic are very similar, it very known that others Arabs can't understand the Maghrebian dialects at all. So if you decided to learn a dialect, you'll end up being responsive to that dialect only. In my opinion, understanding the Moroccan or Algerian dialects will be helpful to understand any other dialect with just a little bit practice of every dialect.

I suggest you to learn the Classical Arabic first, because any Arabic's country is responsive to.

First, start learning some words..sentences..and their pronunciation.. then you can move to the way of writing them. Arabic is written from right to left not like English, so it better to leave writing as the last part :) 

August 8, 2016
hi , i am arabic , can i help you ?
August 16, 2016
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