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Have you noticed that some people speak ill of their country here in discussions?

If so, what's your impression when reading such comments? To me, it seems pathetic. I wonder if those who do this expect that the readers living in another country, say something like "Oh poor boy! I can't even imagine what you went through. Please, please hurry up, come and live with us!". Every and each country has its own deficiencies and it's undeniable that some countries have a lot more problems than the others. However, Why would one want to speak bad of their country? Does it make things get better? In my opinion, they just degrade themselves in front of the others, don't they?

I told my opinion but I have in mind that as with everything, any comment will certainly have different meaning to each of its readers,  so please tell what you think, maybe I'm mistaken. It would be highly appreciated.;)

Aug 8, 2016 6:14 AM
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Thank you, @Mohammadreza, I think I understand a lot better now why you started this discussion.

There's just one tiny little problem, I'm afraid: it doesn't really matter if A always exclusively extols the virtues of his/her country, while B only ever points out its defects. Because unfortunately both A's and B's comments would be seen as propaganda - at least by me. I for one would be much more likely to believe somebody who was trying to give me a rather more balanced picture of his/her country, as in: "Okay, in my country there is X, Y and Z, all of which are really bad things that should be remedied as soon as possible. But we also have A, B and C which are absolutely wonderful and have to be seen to be believed."

Case in point, I once met a few refugees from a very small country very far from Europe. They told me that in their country there was a continous state media barrage telling them how awful things were in Europe. "So, of course we thought it must be simply brilliant here! - Er, I don't get it...? - Well, our government keeps telling us how excellent our own country is. And that's certainly not true! So, if they keep telling us how bad things are in Europe, then they must be lying about that as well. Or that's what we'd thought."

But anyway, I do believe that simply by being the polite, educated, interesting person you are, you will be the best ambassador your country could wish for, you know :)

April 5, 2017

Do tell - is it an exclusively European (or even German) thing to feel that badmouthing makes for a much more interesting conversation than being nice? "I think X is lovely. - I agree."  End of terminally unmemorable conversation.

Then, I think there is the thing that you'd rather point out your own (or your country's) weaknesses yourself than wait for the other person to come up with them. And of course, countries are a bit like family members in that respect: I may say whatever negative thing I like about them, but don't you ever dare to ciritcise what's mine!

Also, there might be an element of humblebragging about it - if I point out my country's failings, then that kind of forces you to point out its positive aspects, doesn't it?

April 5, 2017

I for one agree with you. I think lots of it is a consequence of propaganda. People listen to bad things about their country coming from other countries and they start believing themselves that their country is evil. Then they thrash their own country in an attempt to prove to those same foreigners that they are not like those other bad guys from their country, like: "I know you hate me because I come from country X, but I'm a good guy."  I think they don't realise how much harm they are doing. By speaking in that way they are just fuelling the same propaganda that is only harming their country and thus themselves. I always get mad when I see those things. Once I confronted a guy saying bad things about his country and he said he was just joking. Now that was strange! I guess more people should think before they say or write something.

April 4, 2017

So sad...

I feel shame. Those are the same people who doesnt know their own country well and agree with all the internacional media portraits about their countries.

August 28, 2016

Hi Mohammadreza!

I think maybe it depends on each kind of culture, like some people been known for a negative view of their own country, isn't it? Like Brazilians often do, because we're always saying bad things about our country instead of highlighting the good points that we've already achieved. I think only a few Brazilians could say in a daily basis "Oh, I'm so proud of being Brazilian!". With all the political and economical issues the country has suffered in the past few years, everybody is so tired of corruption and no one giving a f*, that it's hard to being proud of small good things when there are bigger ones to worry about. It's not that I'm a pessimist, I think it's more being realistic, lol!

Best regards!

August 17, 2016
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