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when parents destroy their children I believe the strongest power of confidence is that the parents give to their sons , if you said to your son you are brave , you can do it , i believe in you , so on  he will believe in himself . If All the world against you and your parents still beside you , you will face all your problems .  ...... can you imagine now what is the feeeling of your parents don't support you , it is like drive a sinking ship ...alone dark night .... you fight but you feel it is the end ........ please support you son , daughter they always need your words....... i pray for all children who destroyed because of their parent's sharp tonuge .
Aug 8, 2016 8:08 PM
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We all suppose parents love their children, cherish their children and keep guarding their children in their lifetime, BUT after all, parents are no more than human being, which means they could make unwanted mistakes as they are giving their children instructions. They could misjudge or they could have no skills no ways to love and support their children even if they are not intended for that. Accordingly, I am convinced that parents have to be learning how to be a good mother or father all the time during their lifetime.  It is never an easy task to be a competent parent.

August 9, 2016

Sometimes we need a life to get over of this wounds.

And sometimes a life is not enough.

This feeling of not enough drive me to pray

It's in some way the essence of prayer (in my simple view)

August 8, 2016
You started a very important subject, a friend of mine having problem with his father, his father has a short temper problem his father once talked to me about his problem and during the conversation i found out that he has fully idea that how much  his short temper causing a problems to his family so i told him if you know the problem and you have the exact idea where its coming from then dont you think it can be fix i tried my best to convince him but he refused every time at last he told me that i am a aged man people get sick in this age my problem is physiological it cannot be resolved easily i tried everything but result were worse every time now i am tried from all of this i dont want to see doctor anymore therefore dont push me let me live my life on my own condition. My friend is really a brave man he patience every time when his father abused him.
August 8, 2016
Jack, today's world is different than the old one we read in books once I was watching a jackie chan's (China's action comedian actor)  interview during the interview he mentioned that how he grow up with discipline at very young age he used to do his own laundry, cloth pressing, (his entire routine was fixed by his parents from early morning to night) and  then he mentioned how he give respect to his father without causing any trouble (without disobeying a single command given by his father) etc, in short he describe that how Chinese teach discipline to their children how they paid fully attention during the childhood) so that was his parents history now the second part in that he mentioned that my son is totally different than me (just a glimpse) after six months as jackie sad i arrived home my son was sitting on sofa and from there he greet me with his own style (hey ded, howr u etc.) he does not stand up nor he show any respect like the way i did to my father, i don't want to make this longer therefore my advice is if you want to make strong children then you should make strong yourself first, you want your children to obey you you should learn first to obey your parents (it doesnt mean you cannot argue, you can share your views but with respect without causing any trouble). Build strong children don't make broken one.
August 9, 2016
Hİ mentioned to an interesting subject and i think you are right about what you have said!!!!!!!!!
August 8, 2016
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