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Losing Weight Dear friends, I come up with an idea that it is good to share your story about losing the weight or any motivation story that you think can motivate others.
So I am starting first, 2 years ago I was weighted approx 196 lbs and still gaining the weight one day unexpectedly I realized that after couple of months I’ll gain more weight means more fat so I talked to myself (Farhan imagine how you will look like after months / years don’t you think it is not a bad time to control yourself before it get worse) and that day I decided to lose weight no matter whatever it takes how hard I have to work I’ll do reduce the weight as much as possible. In the beginning I reduced 5 to 6 pounds in a month but here second month come I am having problem to control my appetite so I am gaining weight again as a result it caused me stress it took few days to come back on track then I start again this time I did it smartly not hardly little by little I work on my habits, I made proper plans to control myself emotionally, physically and mentally, firstly, I reduced 100 calories for couple of days when I get used to it I reduced 250 then 300, 400 and last I was reducing 500 calories a day (not so long) then I come back to 300 to 400 calories reducing program and follow it properly (sometimes I do take extra calories even for some days but I manage to come back on my program) it took almost 1.5 years to reduced 43 pounds.
I get that idea while I was reading a discussion on this site regarding sharing stories (Stories worth telling written by Sudeep who is nice a man I am sure who read my discussion will join his discussion too.

Aug 9, 2016 1:29 PM
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I am about 200 lb now, and that is after losing about 25 lb.  I was like you and reached a point in my life when I realised that I needed to change otherwise I would continue to put on weight.  When I was younger, eating like a horse never seemed to have any long-term consequences because I was so active.  But now eating like a horse even while quite active is a recipe for progressive weight gain.

I went on a Slimming World diet, which is one of the more popular diet groups in the UK.  The first point was to eat fewer things which contain hidden sugar, like breakfast cereals, fruit juice, and full-fat dairy foods.  That made quite a big difference in itself.  The diet does not set limits for lean meat, fish, fresh fruit or vegetables, but recommends specific recipes, so it is good for people who are keen on cooking. 

Good luck with your diet! 

August 9, 2016

Losing weight is easy; I have lost the same 50 pounds many times! The problem is keeping weight off. There is one medical doctor who I believe has been able to explain WHY we are obese and unhealthy and, importantly, what we can do to change it.

Dr. Steven Gundry, a cardiologist, believes that lectins (which are used by plants as a defense mechanism), are at the heart of our problems, which are only exacerbated by our calorie-rich but nutrition-poor modern diet.

Dr. Gundry's book, "Diet Evloution", offers you the solution. You should recognize that the word "diet" in the title is not used in the temporary sense. This is a way of eating for life, longevity and health.

My own experience is that I have been following this program for almost three months. I am down 20 pounds without really trying, I have absolutely no hunger, and my body is craving activity and exercise (something I have never been able to say!).

August 9, 2016

Sudeep, Thx for your kind comments, Gaining & losing weight both required time just add some extra calories in your daily routine just focus on one thing gaining weight is not an issue! gaining fat is one, gain weight instead of fat. There's a book named "Burn the fat and feed the muscle" is very useful for both method if you can manage some time to read it, i hope it will help you.

August 11, 2016

Well done(Y)@Farhan for losing 43lb.It is a really hard nut to crack.For doing it, proper dedication,interest, and a well-managed routine are required which you have done very nicely. Information and comments were given by @Victor,@Ethan and@Michael are also appreciated:)

Well,actually I have not much knowledge about the procedure  because I've not tried anything to lose weight as my weight always oscillates in between 60-65kg.

In  case,if I want to gain some weight for looking a bit healthy:)then I think I should follow the opposite of the process you have written:)

My mother,whenever I go home or whenever I call her, she first asks about my food and hygiene and always give me advice to and eat:)But it doesn't work on me even if I will eat more food as at last, I remain in between that 60-65 weight boundary.So sometimes I think,weight is not my job to control:)So I'm happy with my 60-65 limit:)LOL:)

I'm delighted that my discussion helps you in any way:).Thank you:)

Please correct me if I'm wrong somewhere.Thank you:)

August 10, 2016
Last year I lost a few pounds by adding the number of meals to five in a day and at the same time cutting down the calories of each. 
August 9, 2016
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