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The eighth day

Hi everyone, I decide to tell you about a love story about Double Seventh Festival, cause there was nothing special today and I said I would share this story.

It is romantic, I do think so at least.

Once , there was a man called Niu Lang , who was an orphan and had to live with his elder brother and his sister-in-law. She was a mean and cruel person and she shooed Niu Lang away. Therefore, Niu Lang had to earn his living by grazing the cattle. The cattle had humanity and it seemed can understand everything.

One day, Zhi Nv and other fairies came to man's world to have fun. The cattle took Niu Lang to meet them and told him that the fairies could not back to the heaven after the dawn and have to stay at the world. After that, Niu Lang went to meet them. When he saw Zhi Nv, he fell in love with her in the first sight. Then he took away her clothes when she was talking a shower, in order to let Zhi Nv stay at the world. When fairies were about to leave, Zhi Nv couldn't find her clothes so she had to stay, and she had an emotional encounter with Niu Lang. They fell in love quickly and got married. They led a happy life. But YuDi, the king of the heaven, knew it and got angry. It was illegal for a fairy to fall in love with a human. So he let his men to bring ZhiNv back to trial. The cattle couldn't bear to see them apart, so he crash on the tree to broke its horn and changed it in to a boat. Niu Lang chased them by boat. When he would catch up with them, Queen Mother of the heaven used her mobile and made the Milky Way  to stop him. Niu Lang and Zhi Nvcould do nothing but cry. At that time, many magpies came and turned into a bridge to let them meet each other,cause they were moved by their love. YuDi was touched by their faithful love and allowed them to meet on the magpies bridge in the Milky Way every year on July 7th.

In honor of their faithful love, people called July 7th in lunar "Double Seventh Festival " or "Magpies Festival",which is considered the Valentine's Day in China.

I am not sure whether you can understand it because I think I can't translate it well.

Anyway, hope you like it. Good night everyone 

Aug 10, 2016 3:59 PM
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Yes, it considered the Valentine's Day in recent years. In fact, Lantern Festival is the original Chinese Valentine's Day.

:D My Chinese teacher told me so

August 11, 2016

Ohh,really a nice and lovely love story:)Thank you for sharing:)I knew something new about the tradition and festival of China.So valentine day falls in 7th of July in China??

Thank you again for sharing such a beautiful story:)

August 10, 2016
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