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Pedro Simões
How diverse is your country?

Tonight I don't want to ask any question. I just want to share this link with you guys. It's about the linguistic diversity of every country in the world. The numbers are between 0 (everyone has the same mother tongue) and 1000 (not two people speak the same language). Brazil ranked 32. To be honest I was surprised. I expected much less. I thought we would rank 0 or 5...

And you? Tell me what you think about it. 

Aug 10, 2016 11:46 PM
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An interesting idea. I'm going to guess first, then peek and see what the results are. I'm guessing that the United States will rank fairly high in linguistic diversity, but not as high as some relatively-less-developed nations where you might have more villages, regions, and areas that have remained more or less isolated from the educated part of the nation.

I'm guessing that the United States will be more diverse than Brazil--because there are a relatively large number of languages that also have relatively large numbers of speakers--but less diverse than India. OK, let's go look.

India, 0.930

United States, 0.353

Brazil, 0.032

I didn't do too badly, but I don't know if my reasoning is right or if I was just lucky.

August 11, 2016

"Greenberg's Diversity Index (LDI) is the probability that two people selected from the population at random will have different mother tongues; it therefore ranges from 0 (everyone has the same mother tongue) to 1 (no two people have the same mother tongue)"

Pedro, was it kind to the rusty minds to omit the definition?:)

Dan, I checked, Wikipedia has about 80% Americans who speak English at home. Also 12.9 for Spanish, while each other community doesn't exceed a percent.  I don't know of the take into account ilega immigrants....

So 4/5*1/5 + 0.129*0.871 + 0.01*0.99 + ... + ... +....
Which gives us your fugure almost precisely.

August 11, 2016

I was quite sure that India will be into 10 according to LDI data.And yes,my guess was right:)

India has 22 official languages. According to Census of India, the total number of mother tongues spoken in India is 1652. However, only around 150 languages have a sizable speaking population. The Indian census of 1961 recognised 1,652 different languages in India (including languages not native to the subcontinent).

So from the data, one can imagine how diverse my country is!!

Diversity has its pros and cons but here pros are more pronounced than cons.Diversity gives a colourful image to my country,I mean people belong to different religion,cast,creed and society lives here and they have their own culture and tradition which make one curious to know about their origin and the newness and oddness in that tradition or culture.

So it is the diversity which makes us unite  

Some places,it is observed that there is diversity in unity but here there is unity in diversity:)

Please correct me if I'm wrong somewhere.Thank you:)

August 11, 2016
The mandarin is too difficult to learn 
August 11, 2016
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