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What's the most diffiult to learn Mandarin?
Aug 11, 2016 1:32 AM
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well, you obviously  see this from a Chinese persepective;  from a learners perspective mandarin "offers" quite a few more problems: 

- listening comprehension : this seems to me the most difficult part which in my opinion is due to the homophonic nature of the Mandarin language combined with the difficulty to correctly interpret the tones, 请说慢一点!!

- writing comprehension : the Chinese characters, I cannot get them into my head (I use skritter by the way)

- reading comprehension : even if I recognize the characters , this does not mean that I am able to correctly translate the meaning of a sentence : to give a small example, 不好意思    I translate as : "not" "good" "meaning" which is obviuosly far from the actual meaning

- word order : very different from Germanic languages

- speaking comprehension : seems relatively easy in comparison, pinyin helps a lot  哈哈

August 11, 2016
Definitely the tones ,I have seen many foreigners speak Mandarin fluently but still can't use the right tone. though for us it's not hard to get their means,using wrong tones easily make joke. and some of them even said the first 3 tones sound the same ...........玛德写的这么嗨回头一看是中国人。。。早知道写中文算了
August 11, 2016

To Horst about listening comprehension


Similar problems also happened to me while I was speaking to some Australian locals in rural area where they have strong accents to confuse my understanding in their unique Ozzie English. A point you might have be hold is to learn "standard Mandarin". I remember I watched a coverage in a Chinese news which showed a interviee having extraordinary strong accent and I suppose that many of Mandarin learners cannot recoginize what he was speaking even though he is a young man.


But anyway, like "不好意思 " I guess that is pretty universal for all language learning if you cannot catch them in a bulk. Good luck to your learning and enjoy the journey.

August 13, 2016
yes, i am chinese,..
August 11, 2016
August 11, 2016
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