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Richard Bedoya
Create a story with me The mountains are very nice maybe there are things that are not in the city .. you must continue
11 de ago de 2016 1:56
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'It must be an amazing view from the top of the mountain, and I may come across something fun and rare to see in the city', I thought to myself and decided to climb up the cliff without safety equipment. It seemed impossible but I had a lot of confidence in myself. Three hours later I finally made it there. However, there was nothing but a few rocks. Surrounded by thick cloud I could see nothing at all. 'Now the worst thing is', I sank into complete despair, 'I have no idea how to get down the mountain'. 

To be continued...

11 de Agosto de 2016 I decided to finally take a rest from my soul burdens and just set myself free; to live from the beginig in purity and peace or.. may be from the end.. I don't know. But what I'm sure about is this is will always be the beginig for me
11 de Agosto de 2016
Suddenly I heard a noise. I turned round and...
11 de Agosto de 2016

So i began looking around,trying to find some nice and plain place for the coming night,and maybe a cave,if i am in luck.

Three hours had gone by before I knew it.It began to get dark but all my research was in vain! "God...please,I dont wanna die.." I had almost lost hope when i suddenly saw a ray of light in the deep forest.....

11 de Agosto de 2016

The birds are very happy maybe they are not confined to the cages

 The people are very wise maybe they dont stay at a place.

The world is so big that we need to go outside and see it. 

11 de Agosto de 2016
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