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How do you lose weight? Or how do you stay fit? I've been trying to lose weight since 6 months ago and I've lost 13 kilos so far. I weigh 92 kilos at the moment. If you think that the reason why I began to watch my weight was something related to health, I have to say that that you're wrong. This is not the case. I felt in love with someone, so I tried to do my best in order to seem more attractive to her! :D Yeah, yeah, I know, Being thinner can't help this off-putting face sounds appealing! I don't know what I was thinking then! :D ;) Fortunately, you all are aware of how stronger is heart than brain! :D (I hope I have written my last sentence correctly, please tell me if it's wrong.)

Joking apart, that was not the first time I'd given losing weight a shot. Actually, my previous attempts didn't succeed at all, so this time I reconsidered and questioned the methods I had followed. I dedicated to study a bit about it and to my surprise I found out that the most effective way is to eat less whereas I thought doing exercise and trying not to lead a sedentary life could affect much more.  At first, I just decreased the amount of what I ate and I lost 6-7 kilos in 3 months. It's necessary to say that no one had realized it until I start working out. Just after several weeks, I was being payed compliments for looking more fit by my colleagues, although I'd just 1-1.5 more kilos. I figured out then that doing exercise matters too. During this process, I learned that "crunch" don't help me lose weight. With the aid of crunch your abdomen just looks flat. Considering the problems with the crunch, I put aside it. Cardio moves are what I do. But going for a jog or walk, becomes tiring and repetitive after a while, so I bought a Zumba DVD and to be hones, contrary to what it seemed to me at first, it's a lot of fun! hahaha ;) Why did I say this in public?!! :D I use Zumba moves to warm up and then I lift weights and do more complex cardio moves.

How do you stay feet? Which websites do you follow to obtain information about the ways to get into shape? 
11. Aug 2016 11:58
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It's so hard for me to lose that weight only by eating less. Having smaller meals

could help only with exercising. So it's either you relax on the couch eating nothing

without exercising, or if you felt like eating a 200 calories snack, then you must

exercise for an hour or so to burn those calories (depending on how you are going

to exercise in that hour, and no, watching tv or surfing the net aren't exercises :P).

Pick a small plate when eating your meal; it tricks your eyes and makes you feel

you had much to eat when it's full of food :D 

There's one more thing I know that it could help you; drink warm water everyday

when you wake up, and the hot drink you have in the morning isn't included, it

should be just water. I know that warm water isn't appealing, but it's so good for

your body and makes you lose the fat in the long run. At first you feel it's weird,

but after you get used to drinking it, you'll feel just fine. Drink 2 cups of warm

water (or around 650 ml) first thing in the morning, and eat your breakfast 30

minutes after. Also after you eat your main meal in the day, wait for 2 hours,

then drink another 650 ml of warm water. The warmer you can drink that water

the better. Warm water has many benefits for your body, on the opposite of cold water.

11. August 2016

You made me laugh out loud MohammadReza :D hehehehehehe
Your discussion is so interesting and you definitely look thinner in your
new profile photo, so I guess 'she' must have noticed by now! Breathe man,
breathe, and go eat something fatty :P


Well, I like it when people take care of their diet to take care of their health
in general. I love training, walking and weightlifting (the two weights I have
at home are funny; just 3 kg each) ;)

I really can't carry more than that in each hand when training my arms
continously, due to a former injury in my shoulder. In my case, training always
helps to keep me fit and lose weight, but minimizing what I eat, I'm not really
sure about that, it never worked alone for me in the past.


You know something? My sister once told me to eat as much as I can and keep
the fat for the hard days, and I laughed about her joke back then, but now I
completely understand what she meant. I lost 6 KG in the past 3 weeks just

because I was extremely tired, and having no appetite for food.



11. August 2016

My advice

1) work standing up (yes start small, say one hour each day for first week but increase it steadily)

2) Never take an elevator, always the stairs

3) fast every day for 13 hours (easy as for most of it you are asleep)

4) when you break your fast only eat a slowly digestable dish (so porridge, or pasta), this should mean no more food for another 4 hours, then eat the rest of the day as you normally would

5) allow no processed sugar in your diet (you may have to work up to this, but little steps), no cakes, no biscuits, no sugar in coffee or tea, no coke/pepsi (i know, but you have to be brave) :-)

6) no added salt (what....) yep, no added salt (unless you work very hard in a hot climate), use herbs or spices to add flavour, but salt kids your mouth into wanting more, more salt, more water, more sugar

7) every day, 30 minutes walking/running/swimming/gym again work up to it 15 mins, 20 etc.  Important make it a habit, same time every day, so your family and friends know not to get in your way on this

8) When you wake up don't turn on the news.  The news can be depressing, when you get depressed you want comfort and when you want comfort you think of "fooooooooooood", so stay happy and you eat less.

Now cut yourself some slack, your already doing great stuff, so well done

12. August 2016

First of all congratulations on losing so much weight.  Hope it makes you happier and healthier.

In my experience the most important factors go something like that Genetics 40%, Eating habits (Nutrition) 40%, Exercise 20%.  Exercise is given greatest importance because it is something you can easily sell and you want people to spend money on products.  With genetics you can not do much, with nutrition you can, but it is a lot more complicated than buy Ab Roller Super and in 5 minutes a day you have abs of steel.  I am talking about people who do not use illegal substances.  With science all the above gets thrown out of the window.  Science right now beats genetics, exercise and nutrition combined, by a long shot.

So to summarize :  Genetics define you.  Nutrition makes you look your best and be healthy.  Moderate exercise is good. will give you an extra boost of confidence and make you feel good, but will never define how you look or keep you at your ideal weight.

As about my exercise preferences I am in favor of a combination of cardio and exercising with weights.That is not very important however. What is relevant and important for everyone, is to find something you enjoy (like you found Zumba), keep your food habits in check (eat healthy),  be patient and consistent and change will come.

Again wish you the best of luck and congratulations.

11. August 2016

Diets don't work long term. You need to change you lifestyle permanently if you want to make a lasting change. Eat like a peasant long term and you will stay trim, eat like a king long term and you will become fat and unhealthy.

I used to weigh around 86 kilos when I was around 25, I changed my lifestyle then and have managed to keep my weight at around 77 kilos for more then 10 years. My body fat percentage has been around 12% since the change and I do not restrict calories. I achieved this by banning bad habits out of my life permanently and replacing them with good habits that were designed to empower my life long term. With regard to health, these are some of my good habits:

- Run or cycle at least 3 times a week for at least 50 minutes, more if I happen to have more spare time

- Lift at least 2 times a week for around 45 minutes

- Follow a whole food plant based nutritionally dense diet (little to no processed foods, no animal products, no refined oils, high in fiber, fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains a long with some nuts, seeds and spices)

- Hydrate daily by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day

I would recommend reading the book: How not to die, by Dr. Michael Greger. His book is more about reducing the risk of getting a terminal illness caused by poor lifestyle habits, but following his advice will also lead to sustainable healthy weight.

11. August 2016
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