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Listening practice
I've posted Episode 14 of my podcast, and it's available to anyone looking for more English listening practice. Just follow the link here: (SoundCloud).
In this episode, we talk about the Summer Olympics and fashion. In particular, we are talking about all of the extra clothing we own but don't wear, and we present a possible solution to this problem. I'll be posting more Discussion Questions (DQs) over the next week and will include my own answers and responses below.
You can listen to older episodes of the podcast here or by subscribing through iTunes. DQs:
1-Which event are you most excited about at Rio 2016? 2-What has been the most impressive Rio 2016 moment so far?
Aug 11, 2016 3:38 PM
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Additional DQs:
3-How many items of clothing do you buy every year?
4-What percentage of your clothing do you think you wear on a regular basis?
5-Do you have any clothes you hold onto because they are good luck charms?
August 13, 2016
1-I've enjoyed many of the events so far, but I'm excited for the track and field events to begin.
August 12, 2016
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