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The ninth day

Good evening everybody. I am about to share my daily schedule this time.

Okay. As usual, I get up at 6:00 am( but I get up a little bit late recently at about 6:30, haha maybe I am becoming lazy now)

Then after brushing my teeth and cleaning my face, is time for breakfast. To be honest, I don't like the breakfast in my school canteen.

About 7:30, all the students have to reading Chinese or English books about some poems and some new English words. Sometimes we have English dictation.

The first lesson begins at about 7:50. We have 5 lessons in the morning, and each lesson about 40 minutes. There is a break-time between the two lessons, which lasts for 10 minutes. But usually our teacher will occupy our break time, so we don't have too much free time to take rest, especially in grade three.

12:15, it is time for lunch.And about 1 pm, we can have a 45-minute-nap, in order to concentrate on the lessons in the afternoon. I usually lack of sleep, as a result, I feel sleepy in the afternoon.

14:00-17:20, we need to have classes again. Then dinner and shower during 17:20-18:50. It is my free time and I could do anything I want.(haha, I prefer to relax myself)

18:50-22:30 It is selfstudy time. We have to finish a lot of homework. If the math is difficult it will take me about an hour to finish it, though I am good at math.

Yes, when we back to dormitory, it was already late night. And 23:00, is time for bed.

My schedule looks boring, and it is. I do almost the same thing everyday... But it doesn't matter, I am still happy, cause I am easygoing.

Finally, it is 00:03 now, I guess I need to sleep. So good night everyone, have a good day. :D

Aug 11, 2016 4:04 PM
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