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Türkiye neden güvenli bir ülke sayılmıyor?

Sonra her şey oldu, ne zaman Türkiye'de güvenliği olacak? Bu üzücü, Türkiye çok güzel bir ülke ...

Ingilizce ve türkçe yazabilirsiniz. 

Aug 12, 2016 3:39 AM
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Evil Eye, you have correct and incorrect points. I won't go into details because both this is not a right and proper place to discuss and I feel too lazy. But your assumptions about Turkish people really bothered me.

Turks can differentiate between states and people. It's not like Western people will get attacked in Turkey because of people's negative views on Western governments. And no one is lynching Kurds. It might surprise foreigners but there is a clear distinction between ordinary Kurds and terrorist Kurds in Turkey. Everyone, even the most nationalist Turks are aware of that. I personally know a strong nationalist who work under local organization of the Turkey's nationalist party and has a Kurdish friend.

Sure, if you search you can find some racist incidents happened but those happen in all countries. If we're gonna compare them, I think North America and Europe are much less safe for all Muslims compared to Turkey for foreigners.

Ariane, you can use 'son (yaşanan) olaylardan sonra', which literally means 'after the last (lived/experienced) incidents'.

August 12, 2016

Turkey is always safe and will be a safe, strong and an amazing country. 

August 12, 2016

Türkiye zaten güvenli bir ülke şuan. Medyanın anlattıklarına inanmayın şuan ben gayet güvenli bir şekilde gezebilirim tatile çıkabilirim. Herhangi bir sıkıntı yok.

Turkey is adready a safe country right now. Do not beleive in what media says. I can walk around or go to vocation safely right now. There is no problem

August 12, 2016

Actually Turkey is as safe as any European country right now. Unfortunately terrorists can place a bomb anywhere they want. The only exceptional thing was the coup attempt, and I can safely say that the danger is over now. But pessimists' and the western media's tendency to show things much worse than they are causes people to think Turkey is a mine field.

August 12, 2016
Actually there are no completely safe places in the world and Turkey isn't an exception. Just know that it's a beautiful country with its brave people who are always ready to protect their motherland. In sha Allah everything will change to better side, turks deserve the peace
August 12, 2016
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