Do you ever feel that you were born in the wrong country?

Since meeting my girlfriend over 2 years ago and having been learning Russian for just over a year, I have started to understand the Russian culture and mentality a lot more, and it leads me to ponder the question: Was I  born in the wrong country? The reason I ask myself this, is because I find that I share more values with Russians than I do with Brits. Their mentality is closer to mine , and also the way they look at life. I have met a lot of Russians, and I live with three. I find myself arguing with colleagues and friends as I agree with the Russian stance on most things, and I care more about what happens to Russia than that of the UK .Now, I know you’re probably thinking. That I  could just up and move, but it’s not always that simple, because you have to leave everything behind, find work, and also my girlfriend wouldn’t go with me.<o:p></o:p>

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I am wondering does anybody else feel like this? And also, what country do you feel you identify with more than your own. This isn’t a question where the answer is I believe we are all one people etc etc. <o:p></o:p>

12. Aug 2016 08:56
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What of you! I even feel like I'm not from this planet! =)) 
12. August 2016

I feel  I was born on the wrong planet... Why borders at all?

My partner is from Canada and soon I will go through the immigration process which is the only way to get together two people in love from different country of origin or should I say different continent of origin. We met each other at work on the ocean - outside of fake borders and since that moment we travelled the whole world on tourist or transit visas. Now, in order to be together and be given a permanent resident status, I must be "sponsored" by him for period of three years and maybe I will be given a work permit earlier if I'm lucky. Imagine this blank space in CV... Not mentioning the economical status. I believe I'm quite an attractive employee to deal with but without work permit I seem not to exist nowhere - employers are attracted by my CV but give up immidiately on no-work-permit-case.  I could wait in Poland around 18 months with no access to Canada at all but who would stand such a cruel law-government-separation... The worst part is no matter who will move, him or myself - we both are forced to process same ridiculous regulations. I believe that if you feel connection with the other country, you're into its culture with no language problem, having somebody you love there - you should be able to move there and live freely. Unfortunately, nowadays fake marriages are used all over the world and cause problems to honest people who seem to be "the border victims". I'm sick of the world being divided more and more every day by people in charge.

Earth is a very beautiful planet and we should make it more wonderful, we come from different countries, different cultural backgrounds but at the end of the day we are all humans. Such a phrase like "I was born in the wrong country" should never be said - we should be able to travel around the world in order to find our own happiness and be able to call home any place that makes us feel like this. I wish you all the best!

12. August 2016

Yeah Definetely

I would like to be born in a country where human rights were valued

12. August 2016
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