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What's the best pet you've ever had?

Over the years my family has had a multitude of pets, from goldfish to pit bulls. I think my favourite is was my grandfather's jack russell terrier. She would steal anything that wasn't nailed down and take it to her bed! Remote controls, clothes, food- you name it she took it. Such a character!

What's the best pet you've ever had and why was it the best?

2016年8月12日 13:49
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Hello, Micheál ! The best pet I've ever had was fish. No smell, no noise. Just pure beauty and grace.


The great interior decorator, Elsie de Wolfe, loved dogs and had a dog cemetery in which every grave had a tombstone saying "The one I loved the best."

But I'll have to say that our second dog, a 90-pound Newfoundland with the sweetest and gentlest disposition, was special. 

I hope our present dog, who is sitting next to me right now, can't read the screen.

My favorite pet was a parrot. He was witty and very intelligent. He had a great personality.

I love cats and dogs but I have the I cant have pets...

Both pets sound very cute!
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