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What are you reading, listening and watching to learn russian?

Hey guys, could any of you recommend me texts, tv shows or anything what would help me in learning russian and would be different than daily routine flashcards etc.?

Share any source of good language immersion.

Thanks in advance.

Aug 12, 2016 3:18 PM
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I like Easy Russian with Anya

This is good review for pronunciation - Irina Mozelova

This vlog is interesting but a bit rambling at times - Maria Zdorovetskaya

Also, you can download TuneIn Radio to listen to radio stations around the world. GOod for all languages, not just Russian. 

Finally, if you're ever discouraged, you can watch my vlog of me butchering the Russian language :)

August 12, 2016

Youtube vloggers are great, but I always recommend watching whatever is interesting for a person and from the very beginning I recommend getting used to a fast speech, otherwise the whole learning process will be veeery long, cause if you don't start listening to real fast speech it'll always seem like you aren't ready for it. And what's more important is you shouldn't just watch them passively, you definitely should stop and repeat some phrases (and write some of them down as well) with the same speed, the same intonation and rhytm. It'll be more effective to watch a 3-min video and work on it like I said than watch a 30-min video passively cause you'll start getting tired of a foreign speech.

As for the video, I really recommend watching some series, maybe sitcoms (though there might be some jokes the natives might not be able to understand since humour is always tough for non-natives) and simple dramas or melodramas (again that's my choice because of the lack of humour here).

Interview-like types of TV progs are helpful, too.  


August 13, 2016

I find "easy russian" difficult: rapid-fire conversation in a noisy environement is always difficult for intermediate learners, whatever the language.

August 12, 2016
This is "Easy Russian"..I think it's good way to learn how to make sentences and just hear native speakers:)
August 12, 2016
Hi, Michal!

I suggest you create a vkontakte account. It's a Russian social network full of content in Russian.

Also YouTube suggests channels most viewed in your region. If you scroll down far enough and change your country to Russia - you'll get plenty of Russian channels to choose from.

Good luck!
August 15, 2016
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