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Do you think of something when you are taking a shower?
Hey guys, I was about to finish my essay, but there was an accident so I lost my log. It drives me crazy.
So I have to type it one more time.
Okay, let's have a communication. Do you think of something or someone when you are taking  a bath?
As for me, I will. I always do it, and I did it this afternoon when I was taking a shower. I thought of my former life and my former friends and classmates. I miss them soooooooo much!!! And I was sighing how time flies. I am gonna 18 years old next year and I will be an adult, which means I have more responsibilities. 
Haha I always sigh the world is changing, so what about you?
Btw, it is the tenth day in high school~~ I feel everyone is a little weird today, I don't know why, but everyone seems speechless and nobody talks. It makes me feel no good.
Anyway, I hope it will be all right tomorrow, and you too.
So good night everyone!

Aug 12, 2016 4:11 PM
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I think is ok, if I take a bath instead of a shower, maybe I will chatting and  reading. Natalia, it is soft to read when talking bath I think. :D
August 13, 2016

Haha, it can be comfortable while taking a shower

And thanks for your wish Tara :D

August 13, 2016
I reading that taking a bath... What is the feeling when you know that a person who are talking with you is naked? (obviously because she is taking bath :p)
August 12, 2016

They say everyone thinks better in the shower.  It makes the body relax and the mind come alive! 

I don't have time for corrections right now but I wanted to wish you the best.  I hope your school year goes well and isn't always so weird.

August 12, 2016
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