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What kind of personality do you have?

According to this video: there are 5 major personality traits which are:

1 - Openess to experience; 2 Conscientiousness; 3 Extroversion; 4 Agreeableness;  5 Neuroticism.

After analyzing all of them, I noticed that my personality is a mix of number 1, 2 and 3.

What about yours? Tell me about your personality traits!

Aug 12, 2016 7:19 PM
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I took the quiz at out of Big 5 personality traits:

Open to experience: high

Conscientiousness: low

Responsibilidad: bajo

Apertura al cambio/Apertura a la experiencia: bajo 

Extraversion: high (alto)

Agreeableness: low

Cordialidad: bajo

Neuroticism: high

Inestabilidad Emocianal: alto

I rated another person with this and their score was just the opposite, I didn't think that was too accurate, except in the comparison overall, so I don't see myself as that extreme and for example, at work I get high marks for being dependable and conscientious and so I get a lot of tasks that others aren't trusted with - but I am also know to be extremely forgetful and leave things undone until I am reminded ... I also don't think I am that extraverted but I can turn it on for customer service, but then I am exhausted after ... .so I think the test is good if you compare it to someone else you know well and then look at that person's score objectively and adjust your own accordingly.

He clasificado otra persona y su puntuación era lo contrario de la mina. Yo pensé esta es no preciso excepto en la comparación: es decir yo estoy mas neurótica que esta persona ... etc

Ich habe ein andere Person bewertet(?) und sie hat das Gegenteil von mir ... Ich glaube es ist nicht genau richtig for uns beide, ausser im Vergleich ... keiner von uns ist ganz extrem, aber wir sind entgegengesetzte Arten von Menschen, wenn Sie vergliechen uns.


August 12, 2016
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