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stop thinking of money

We all want to earn money , no one can deny how important is it , but there is differention between thinking of money that you have because you are afraid to lose it and thinking of how to use this money to live your life , if you work_hard All day All your life and stil at home afraid of losing it , thinking of if i traveled how much will it cost , oh it is too much , so i will stay at home ,.... you are kiling yourself my dear .  i don't say spend All your money but try not to forget yourself and go out , try strange meal ,  travel to any place it is ok if it isnot first class but change mood , stop thinking of tomorrow All time , you will regret All this wasting days one day ......start now look at my words as massage from god to you ♤

Aug 13, 2016 12:00 PM
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I agree with you. It's no doubt money is important thing but I think working and studying to improve oneself is more important, this will definitely bring money for sure. You are right that focusing only on how to make money and saving them is not so good thing to waste life for.
August 13, 2016

Here is the rub: Do you think more money can make you happier? and how much money do you think your earning is "enough" to be happy?  Do you think "poor" people are really poor in their mentality or life? compared to some other "riches"?


With the advent of money era driven by current capitalism, people have to pursue for earning more money to obtain better work opportunity and higher living standard to acquire happiness. Many young people burning their youth for day-to-day hardship just because they believe tomorrow would be better by their earning , however, happiness is  by no means an easy task to achieve without other associated requirements.


First of all, time is hardly purchased by money only despite some rich men "steal" or "grab" time by their wealth but the fact is everyone has 24 hours and seven days a week given by God, which cannot be "created" by anyone on earth. It indicates that every one has to treasure their everyday time to think, to learn and to consider if their life is really improved by their work.  There is no reason to consider money is everything that cannot be "bought" by some other things. 


Furthermore, people may invest a plenty of time in pursing money rather than thinking of the fact that  time can be also earned by their good deeds. To help people around you who are in deed of help can really make your earn time to reach more chance of earning money. That implies you can gain more time by your intelligence, your wisdom or your sensibleness.


All in all,  there are always controveries between 2 extremes and it seems everyone has his answer to the issue principly depending upon personal preference for time and viewpoint.


August 17, 2016
I agree . And for our happy life , we should work more hard . It's important to be diligent in working and  have fun in relax.  Keep a suitable balance in  job and daily life .
August 13, 2016
August 13, 2016
I agree with you, I want to make money just because I want to be happy and this happiness can be proved through using this money in our dailly activities like travelling shopping and everything that make you insist in working hard again in order to gain more money, so all these pleasure means is like a motivator that make you want to work every day
August 13, 2016
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