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It is strange or it is the same for you as well?

Hi, study English and  I am speaking fluently in English. I have not any problems in speaking with my teacher, with my foreign colleagues, with other people who has higher level than me.  BUT I have trouble when I am speaking with people  (who are native Russians) who have lower level English than me. It is something like stupid... when my colleagues ask me lets speak English for practices  - I cant. I mean, of course I can but speed of my speaking decreasing and I am starting to think what to say. But when I speak with my teacher and foreigners (doesn't mutter native or not)   I am not thinking what to say, I am just communicating, talking in normal way...

What in your case?

Aug 13, 2016 3:23 PM
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I do not mean to be rude but there are several errors in your text.  Would you like a correction?

I encourage all language learners (including myself)  to never consider themselves fluent until they speak/read/write/understand as well as a native.  

August 13, 2016

I have two reasons for that

1 Russian is your native language and you feel awkward to speak English (a foreign language) with native Russian speakers because everyone prefers speaking their mother tongue with people who speak it

2 You are not a teacher and have little patience to 'teach' someone English when he\she doesn't speak it as well as you do

August 13, 2016
Yeah, I've noticed that when you have to be super clear and proper to make yourself understood, suddenly you have to work harder, pronounce everything perfectly, build the simplest sentences. People with a good listening comprehension give you a pass on speaking too fast or build sentences which are too complex or too cryptic, by filling the gaps, so I think it's good sometimes to be reminded that you got to focus on being understood, rather than, well, display your loquacity.
August 13, 2016

Hmm interesting.  Ok you need to clarify something for us.  How about when you speak English to Russians who are actually better than you in English.  Do you have this  "but speed of my speaking decreasing and I am starting to think what to say."

August 13, 2016

I do not speak English to my Chinese/Taiwanese fellows unless I am requested.



+ I am not sure that fellow does want to speak English with me given that we can communicate more fluently in our primary language.


+ I cannot ascertain his/her English is as good as mine (vice versa) to communicate without any hardship in a conversation, which might embarrass me


Other than that, I would be glad to speak English with my fellows if they do not mind English proficiency.



August 17, 2016
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