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Daily discussion No.11

I have to say that my butt and my waist and my right arm are painful , for I was studied so hard yesterday and kept doing my schoolwork. Except drinking water or helping my teachers, I stayed on my seat for a whole day... And my butt was painful all day.

All right, it's not my point. Something just happened to me and it left me an impression which made me  a little shocked and confuse.

After I came home from school, I need to take some extra lessons to prepare my exams. When I was walking on the street, there were three girls spoke to me suddenly, and asked me if I could buy some food for them and give them some money.

 A word came to my mind " What?!"

and feeling so strange, cause I don't know you and I wonder if you are liars?

 I know a lot of this kind of situation and most of these people are cheating.

So I told them "I don't have money with me" and I didn't have indeed. But after a few minutes, I thought about it. They seem to need my help, and they are girls!! Fence, I felt guilty...

So the problem is what should I do if I have money? I don't want to be cheated, but I also want to help them.

Aug 13, 2016 4:42 PM
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Yes, I hate being cheated, and it's hard for me to believe other strangers. I always wonder why they don't earn their living instead of cheating. I believe in anyone easily, but once who lie to me, I will never believe him/her
August 14, 2016

I also came across a situation like that but the man told me that someone stole his money and his mobile and he was asking me for money to go to his home.So I told him to go first to the police station and lodge a FIR so that he might get his lost items and the police would definitely help him or if he didn't know the way to the police station then I could guide him,but he denied and said leave it.Then I got confirmed that he was lying:)And it was not the first time I came across but 2-3 times with the same kind of approach.

But in your case, you should have asked them for food instead of money because you will never know what they are going to do with money, may be used in an illicit way or use to buy some drug or like that.But if you will give them food then they can't do anything except eating it if they are hungry indeed.As you wanted to help but couldn't,so better luck next time:)

Helping someone is good but get cheated by doing so is a blow to your belief which is very hard to rebuild.  

August 13, 2016
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