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My last passage about deforestation impacts

Deforestation caused by human activity is happening in many parts of the world. With serious results for the environment. What do you think can be done to solve this problem?

 From shipping crates to paper bags; it is the human achievements throughout which have affected dramatically on its habitat. However these successes had caused to appear a comfortable status in human’s life, but, it has emerged a situation in-which we are apprised of news to the myriad of different negative consequences environment in both: terrestrial and aquatic. As a matter of fact, talking about whether it could be solved or not might be facetious words, so there are solutions which can prevent developing this procedure, and I believe that it would have been making positive results to repair  deforestation impacts.

  Firstly, the most important task that should be done about deforestation is divulging its culprits to encourage them about find alternatives for felling trees, and also make them going to repair logging affects. Secondly, people should make a process in-which the next generations educate how they can keep the forests to have an intact ecosystem, and also learn that they should use environment in an optimized way. Therefore, it pushes human to recover what they had forfeited and also encourages next generation to retain it.

 Felling trees which are tremendous reason related to deforestation seems to jeopardize the human habitat; Its negative side effects being seen from northern Canadian forest to south of American, and African deserts to Asian tropical rainforests. moreover, the cycle of the ecosystem has been endangered. for example, the plant activity, home to myriad reptiles, amphibians and mammals are exposed. Thus the miniature layers of the ecosystem would never be saved, and it is how the deforestation going to affect on the globe.

 In a high profile, the situation exists in related this issue will have a demolition jeopardy for human and its habitat. In summary, it should try to emerge a status in-which folk get the developing deforestation intercepted to have a healthy ecosystem, so the next generation will be keeping it.

Aug 13, 2016 8:04 PM
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