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English is not normal

For those of you struggling with the inconsistencies of English, here is an interesting article about how and why English "really is weirder than pretty much every other language".

2016年8月13日 20:21
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Best comment in a long time :)


As a native English speaker,  I make an effort to tell students of English that we (native speakers) know that the language is crazy!  I explain that they should not feel dumb or slow or stupid because they make mistakes even after years of immersion.  

One thing from the article with which I do not agree is the use of genders. There is absolutely no reason to use gender to refer to objects that do not have a biological sex. That is ridiculous and I am glad that English at least lacks this flaw.


@Adriano: Sorry, I was trying to make things easier, not harder :P Take Ocean2's advice, it can be done. You can get by without knowing those things. Trust me, even native speakers don't know most of the things in that article.

@Zahra: You're welcome :)


English is weird. 

It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though. 

Wasn't it a racing dog in a 1960s cartoon?

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