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Music my love

Hello friends,

I wonder if there are some among you who not only love music but also practise an instrument.

As for me,i play piano.

I started few months ago to take piano's lessons,i enjoy a lot !

Im still beginner,but i like so much playing piano that sometimes i compose melody.

I love all kinds of music !

Music is a therapy!

Aug 14, 2016 4:45 AM
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Hello Karima

Music is definitely a therapy. I listen to all kind of different types of music. And also to all different languages. I used to play the electric guitar, that was pretty cool. As I was in a punk band, I played rather in a chaotic way and very fast. 

I think you can also learn a language by listening to songs in your target languages. But it is crucial to pick a good band, which has good texts to learn. Not any music is suitable as a learning resource.

It is pretty strange because I now different bands which sing in English and I know them for 20 years but I've never consciously listened to the text because it was so fast. Now, (recently,  in the last few years) I looked more closely to the text thanks to the internet. 

Thank you Karima for starting this topic.

Greetings from Switzerland


August 14, 2016
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