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Practise using recordings with various target languages

Some people can record some basic phrases in their native language and others record themselves practising using vocaroo. Then we can give feedback to each other. Any language welcome. My target languages are Arabic, Italian, Germany, Spanish, Chinese, Polish. Here are some phrases to say. Hello, hi, how are you, I'm fine, I'm sick, I'm sad, goodbye, good morning, good evening, good afternoon, what's your name? my name is..  Please can you help me?, excuse me, thanks, help, emergency, how much please? where is... what is... can I have a drink of..? I don't understand, I can't speak..,

here is me saying some things in English

Aug 14, 2016 3:47 PM
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Very good Sorour, a good practise at German, Deutsch:) here is mine saying same thing!

I am still practising with the Arabic phrases that the kind guys did for me above:) it is good to listen to real voices and try and hear and practise:) thanks everyone:)

August 26, 2016
That’s really great idea to improve our speaking skill. Thanks a lot Gillian. Well done ! :)

I’ve tried to record a dialogue in German.

Das ist Paul und Nassim
Paul : Guten Tag ! Mein Name ist Paul.
Nassim : Guten Tag ! Mein name ist Nassim. Woher kommen Sie ?
Paul : Ich komme aus Deutschland. Und Sie ?
Nassim : Ich komme aus Algier.
Paul : Freut mich sehr. Auf Widersehen !
Nassim : Fruet mich auch . Auf Widersehen !
Any comment is welcome. :)

August 26, 2016

Najmo, thanks very much for your recording. You have a very clear voice. Thanks very much for taking the time to record this. It is great to hear your language spoken. How are you getting on with learning a language?

I will now try to practise saying what you have said. With English too.

August 14, 2016

You're welcome ...this is a good idea, here's my record for Arabic :

August 14, 2016
Thanks very much for commenting, I was unable to post all the details due to restrictions. The idea is that we share our languages so that we can learn our target languages. 
August 14, 2016
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