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The Teacher Soumaia
Just Use Your Imagination (Expect the End) (Part 2)

Let’s use our imagination to expect the end of this story:)

Once upon a time, there were two close friends; a sun and a cloud. Sometimes, they work together, and sometimes they work interchangeably to create a nice day for the earth. The wind was unsatisfied when he saw how effective the sun and the cloud had on the earth. Then, the wind decided to do something. The wind went to the sun and said « The cloud stated that she is the strongest one because of her raining.” The sun felt very angry . After that , the wind went to the cloud and say « The sun said that it is the strongest one because of her shinning.”
When the sun and the cloud met each others, the cloud declared “You know that I am the strongest and most effective of all the weather. I can water wild lants and crops. I can also humidify the air . So, people feel happy with my raining »
But the sun disagreed and said : « I don’t think so. I am the strongest one for my shine. I can heals some skin disorders. I also boost growth in children and improve bone health,and...... »
Then, the cloud interrupted the sun and stated “ Let’s ask the earth to see who is the strongest one .”
When the sun and the cloud asked the earth, the earth replied "……. ..................................."

So, What do you expect the earth’s answer will be?

Looking forward to read your comments,

Thanks in advance. :)

Aug 14, 2016 7:30 PM
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The Earth might have replied--first to the Sun-"I'm happy when you shine as it makes be brighter and smile and it shows like I'm happy but for my children(human beings and other animals)it is really tough to bear your intense heat as it makes them wet in sweat and they go for an asylum inside an AC room but not all can afford to live as it is costly for the poor people to afford a good house with ACs fitting."

Then to cloud-"I'm sad when you hover over me as it seems like I'm unhappy and the rain you bring with you really make me wet which I don't like at all:) but for my children, you bring cool breeze with a smile on their faces  and give them relief from the Sun's anger and you are the real friend of the Farmers as you decrease their labor by irrigating their land for free"

So it is my happiness versus my children's.But as a mother, I'll always go for my children's smile as it makes me smile too.There is a magical chant when they smile and it makes me much happier and more cheerful.In the other hand, my children also want me to make smile at any cost.So choosing one between you is just impossible as happiness  is a two-way process like if I'm happy,I can make someone smile and if someone is smiling,s/he has the capability to make others cheer.

So you both are good and just share your job like 2 days cloudy and next 2 days sunny:)

My ending goes like this.Am I making any sense??

Thank you:)

August 14, 2016
“Sun. You are strong. You can burn the land. Cloud. You are strong. You can flood the land. But together, you are stronger. Together, you create life."
August 14, 2016

Exactly Sudeep! The wind became somehow like " the scapegoat" ^^


Then, the earth went to the wind and told him “Each one of us is unique because of certain characteristics that we have. It is not important to feel that others are better than us, or we’re better than others. Sometimes, working together can help us to improve the strength of something. Therefore, you (the wind) , the sun, and the cloud can work as a team to create lovely seasons. So, all weather can be strong and effective on earth »
The wind felt shy with what he did ,and he apologized to the sun and the cloud for what he did. Thus, the earth, the wind, the sun, and the cloud were so happy with the glory that they achieved. :)


The End :)

August 16, 2016

Sudeep: your end story is truly awesome. I enjoy reading it. Thank you very much. It means that both of the sun and the cloud are beneficial to the earth. In addition, when the children of the earth (the creatures) smile , the earth itself feels happy.
That’s really wonderful.  So, I think that your story has a nice sense. Thanks again Sudeep. :)

August 14, 2016

"The wind said that we are the strongest", the sun and cloud replied.

"Ha, you forget", said the Earth. "I am even stronger, for I can shake the ground with mighty earthquakes."

"Ha, you forget", said the cloud. "For I can use your earthquakes to make great waves."

"Ha, you forget", said the wind. "I can harnesses the strength of the cloud in storms and can grow the sun’s fires. So it is I who is ultimately stronger."

"Ha, you forget", said the sun. "For I have the strength of Atlas, holding the very Earth itself in the solar system."

To this they all agreed, but not wanting to be outdone, the earth said ... "The sun may be the strongest, but one day you will lose your energy. So it is I who will eventually be stronger."

The sun sneered, "without my energy there will be no wind or cloud or earth, so none of us will have strength."

They all stood amazed upon this point and none could see how they could argue that they were strongest any further. After a while, the cloud spoke … (what did he say?)

August 16, 2016
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