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Mazharul Rifat
Do you understand English music at your very first listening? If i don't understand English music at my very first listening, dose it mean that my listening skill is very much poor?
Aug 14, 2016 7:55 PM
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No, to be honest even I as a native speaker of English sometimes have trouble understanding what is being said in English music (mostly pop, rap, rock). What I find helpful is listening to the song first, trying to understand everything, and then if there are some parts I don't understand I look up the lyrics to the song on the internet so that I can read them while listening to that song. I use this method all the time when listening to spanish music, and I have been studying spanish for 4 years!  
August 14, 2016

Sometimes I don't know what people are saying in songs, and I speak native English! There are even comedians who make jokes about this because it happens so often.

It happens to everyone! People don't sing very clearly in songs so it makes it hard to hear properly. Don't beat yourself up. Google the lyrics if you need to. 

All the best xo

August 15, 2016
Not at all! I have been using Russian music to help with my Russian language studies. Pop music in general tends to have repetitive words and phrases, which can be very helpful for the learning process. Something I do is read the lyrics in Russian and then read them in English to get a sense of what the singer is discussing. If you find a couple of bands or musicians you really like, buy some CDs or download the music from iTunes and listen to them often. When I bought two Ivan Dorn CDs about a month ago, I understood nothing. All I knew was that I liked his voice and the background music. Honestly, I have listened to the CDs so much in the past four weeks that I can now sing several songs from memory and I am understanding more and more each day. Don't lose hope if the first time you listen it is a struggle. Pick some songs you enjoy and learn to sing along with them - it is very helpful! I think the key is listening often enough that the songs become familiar in your brain.
August 15, 2016
Sometimes I cannot pick up the words from a song in English and in my native. It's just because singers have bad diction. Don't worry :)
August 14, 2016
No, English is my second language and even I have a hard time understanding English music sometimes, but only if they're singing really fast or slurring their words together and not making very good pronunciation. Otherwise I understand English music just fine.
August 14, 2016
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