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Difference between спортивный and спорт? What is the difference between the two words спортивный and спорт? Is спортивный a noun, an adjective or both?
Aug 15, 2016 12:24 AM
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I'm not a native Russian speaker, so sorry if that's who you're looking to answer this, but спорт is a noun, спортивный is an adjective.  For instance you'd say спортивный зал (gym - lit. "sporting hall"), but спорт зал is incorrect.  Футбол is a спорт.  Russian adjectives are easy to identify because they end in M: -ый/-ий N: -ее/-ое F: -ая/-яя

Hope that helps!

August 15, 2016

if not not mistaken, the adjective form of "sport" is "sporting", right? So, "спорт" is a noun meaning "sport", whereas "спортивный" is an adjective meaning "sporting". For instance, "I've been playing sports all my life, but I don't have any great sporting achievements" would be "я занимаюсь спортом всю свою жизнь, но никаких больших спортивных достижений у меня нет".

August 15, 2016
"Любишь ли ты смотреть спортивные передачи по телевизору?".
August 15, 2016

"Тебе нравится\Ты любишь смотреть спорт по телевизору".
Тебе нравится\Ты любишь - Do you like
смотреть - to watch
спорт - sport
по телевизору - on TV

August 15, 2016
Спортивный is an adjective, спорт is a noun.
August 20, 2016
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