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if you can hear what people think of ...

Do you want to have the ability to hear what people think of ? 

Sometimes we feel confused about people's feeling towords us ...and start to ask ourselves if they really like us or just pretend 

ON the other hand i always thank god that no one can read my mind ... bec we are humans , hate , suspicion ... but represnt the best  

Do you think if we can read the others mind no one will be heart_broken ....and our feeling will be clear to people who we afraid to tell them we love you .... it is complicated issue 

Aug 15, 2016 12:59 AM
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If you could hear what people think, you probably wouldn't hear anything about you. People have better things to do than thinking about others. Just try to do an exercise. Try to write down what thoughts you had in one minute. You will be surprised that after just one minute, you won't probably remember your first thought. Our brain is very fast and confusing. And we are naturally selfish, we think more about ourselves than about others. And for example, I bet you think nothing about most people around you.

August 15, 2016

No, I do not think it is better for communication as you know most of the people are not brave enough to know the truth and very often people might change their attitude after they have time to get on with some people they did not like. 

August 17, 2016
you replied to your self that we are humans God created us with special acts and manners . we have common manners , thinking . Actually if we have the ability to hear people's thinking we would live far alot of people 
August 15, 2016
I think it would be hurtful, because the first thought that comes to mind meeting other people is appearance. It is good when you are beautiful, cute or handsome, but what if you have some shortcomings? I think that the world would totally become the place where only good-looking people have courage to talk to others. And part of them would be discouraged after 'hearing' something like: "such a beautiful girl/handsome man, too pity that she/he turns out to be so stupid when opening her/his mouth" or something like that. So it's better not to know
August 15, 2016
Ummm, it's difficult to answer..... OK, I made up my mind. It's true that knowing what some people (those who don't like us) really think of us might hurt our feelings. However I want to have that ability because sooner or later they will show what opinion they have about us and I will be heart-broken, but if I was able to read their mind, I wouldn't waste time trying to be close with them, or I could fix what they find annoying about me, depending on the situation.
August 15, 2016
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