Animal sounds in english

I was watching a video on YouTube about the different animal sounds of portuguese and english. 

Cat sound: Portuguese - Miau     English - Meowth     Japanese - Nyan

Dog sound: Portuguese - Au Au     English - Woof Woof

Turkey sound: Portuguese - Glu Glu    English: Globle Globle

Can someone show me more?

2016년 8월 15일 오전 4:41
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Dog:Woof!  Bark!   Bow wow! <---That's a very, funny kid-like way. You'll barely see that word. 

Cat: You can also say "Purrrrrrr"  and Hissss And it's *meow, not *Meowth. Meowth is a name of a Pokémon.

Chicken: "Cluck, cluck"

Crow: Ca-Caw!  <---- Fun fact, people say this, if they're trying to alert someone, but don't want anyone else to know. For example, if a group of friends are being sneaky and one friend is on the other side of the street, another friend might try to get his attention saying "Ca-caw!" This is RARELY used and it's just a fun way to get someone's attention (in a sneaky way or if they're trying to be secretive)

Cow: Moo

Bird: Chirp or tweet, coo coo

Sheep: Baahh, Baahh

Tiger, Lion and Bear:  Roar!

Mouse: Squeak, squeak

Frog: Ribbit, ribbit,

Monkey, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, etc: Ooh Ooh, Ah Ah Ah!

Bee: Bzzzzzz

Donkey: Hee haw

Chick: Cheep, cheep, cheep

Crickets: chirp, chirp

Ducks: Quack, quack

Flies: Buzzz

Geese: Honk, honk

Horse: Neigh or whinny

Owl: Hoot, hoot

Wolves: Howl

There are soo many more and there are sounds where, I don't know how to put them in words, like the sound for an elephant and the sound of a seal. But yeah, there are soo many more animal sounds

2016년 8월 15일

In Korean,

A cat sounds '야옹' (Ya ong)

A dog sounds '멍멍' (Mung mung) / '왈왈' (wal wal)

As for as I know we don't have the  official sound for a turkey. 

Instead a rooster sounds '꼬꼬댁' (Kko kko deak) / '꼬끼오' (Kko kki o)

2016년 8월 15일
In English it's Meow. Meowth is the name of a pokemon.

Dogs also make the sounds "bow wow wow", "Ruff" and "Bark" 
2016년 8월 15일
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