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Do you read PAULO COELHO ? How do you find his book as well as his phylosophy ?

Do you read Paulo Coelho ?

What are the books that you've read till now ?

If yes, in which language ?

How do you find them as well as his phylosophy ?

Aug 16, 2016 10:16 AM
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I read his 11 minutes when I was in high school; I read it in Bengali. Then, after few years, I read the alchemist. I liked the first one more than the latter one. Alchemist is kind of a fable, with lots of advices: what to do in your life, how to do it etc. As a novel, I didn't enjoy it that much. 11 minutes was a more interesting one.
August 18, 2016

Thank you Stéphanie and Mumtaz for your comments.

August 18, 2016

I read 'Veronika decides to die' and 'The Alchemist'.

I read them years ago and I really wanted them to be enjoyable because

I've heard a lot about Paulo Coelho's creativity. I was disappointed while

reading them both, I felt something was missing because I was bored and

I couldn't wait to finish them. Both novels didn't add anything to me and I

was hesitant to read any of Coelho's books ever since.


Sometimes we as readers have different tastes that matches different writers,

and my writer was and will always be "Gabriel García Márquez". I've never

encountered anything close to his (One Hundred Years of Solitude). 

August 16, 2016
I read The Alchemist too, and I agree with you Adel.  It was inspiring and motivating.  His language is very simple, but the message is so deep.  I encouraged my student to read this book, and we did a close read of it together.  She also loved it and felt encouraged to follow her dreams and look for the signs. 
August 16, 2016
Thank you
August 16, 2016
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