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Le ^_^
learning a foreign language can develop your brain , what do you think ? according to relevant research  learning a new language would affect the brain, which may makes you much smarter and your brain be more healthy, complex and active, Do you think so ?   And what is your opinion about learning a foreign language and Why you want to learn it ?  :)
Aug 17, 2016 9:50 AM
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For me learning how to speak English really helped because once I learned how to speak English I could understand the music I like, English movies, English tv shows, and I could talk to people from other countries who come here to Germany and can't speak the language. Plus most videos and stuff on the internet are in English so learning English made my understanding of things online much more broad. I also learned Spanish because I felt like it, and it useful when I visited Spain plus it helped me understand some things in French, Italian, languages close to Spanish. For me it's fun to learn a new language because it gives you wider communication level and it helps you understand a little bit about the culture of the language you learn.
August 17, 2016
  • delay immediate gratification in the pursuit of long-term goals 
  • have better memory and memorization skills, including better working memory 
  • exhibit mental flexibility
  • switch between tasks quickly
  • be creative
  • have good listening skills
August 17, 2016

Le, I agree with Ruthi.
It likely develops your brain. But It doesn't mean math or art don't:) And ys it is good idea to always learn somethin  new.

August 17, 2016

Compared to people that speak one language, adults who speak multiple languages are more likely to:

  • have higher general intelligence 
  • be better at planning, prioritizing, and decision making )
  • score higher on standardized math, reading, and vocabulary tests 
  • be more perceptive of their surroundings
  • avoid falling for marketing hype 
  • have better focus, concentration, and attention
August 17, 2016

I totally agree, learning a new language can make you smarter...or at least "faster" than only-native speakers 'cause your are forced to train your brain to switch from one language to another, remembering words, grammar, idiomatic expressions and so on! The best side of the story is that, by knowing a new culture, you are allowed to explore a new world, broadening your point of views in life..and it is so exciting! 

August 17, 2016
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