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How to write a good essay

My essay often makes a lot of mistake about the sentence and organize my ideas

please help me and give me some examples if you can

Aug 17, 2016 3:02 PM
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Thesis: the point you wish to make (the argument)

Introductory paragraph which contains the argument (the point you wish to make)

Supporting paragraph 1

Supporting paragraph 2

Supporting paragraph 3

[additional supporting paragraphs if necessary]


[essay contain 500 - 1500 words]

Good luck!

August 17, 2016

1) "Tell them what you are going to say. Then say it. Then tell them what you said." In other words: introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion really should quickly make the same points as the body.

2) Don't worry too much about fancy wording. Every sentence in your essay should count. Every sentence should advance your ideas. Don't show off your vocabulary. Use long words if you need them. Don't use them if you don't.

3) Know your audience. This is difficult if your "audience" is your teacher, but do your best. 

4) Always write an outline first. If you're not sure what an outline is, found out and learn how to write one.

5) If it's possible, have someone, anyone look at your paper before you submit it. It doesn't need to be an expert. It doesn't need to be a detailed review. You will be amazed at what a "second pair of eyes" sees.

6) If you state an opinion, follow it with a fact that supports the opinion. If you state something general, follow it with a particular example.

7) An essay isn't a newspaper article. However, for some kinds of essays it helps to think of the journalist's "five W's:" what, who, when, where, and why.

8) Every paragraph should begin with a topic sentence.

9) If you're not sure what things to include, try the old trick of writing ideas on cards and moving the cards around.

10) Be willing to cut things out.

August 17, 2016
I think there are systematic steps of writing a good essay which are relevant to the introduction, conclusion, structure, main ideas, and the thesis statement. My advice is using certain patterns at the first time. After a while you will be able to write good essays unconsciously without depending on standard patterns.
August 17, 2016

I hope this will help you!!!

August 17, 2016
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