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Happy birthday to me

Today is my birthday. I'm turning 34.

Too bad is not a weekend. 

How do you celebrate in your country?

Aug 17, 2016 7:35 PM
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Hi I´m from Slovakia. In my opinion it doesnt matter which day in week it is. I celebrate my birthday with family that day it really is but the next weekend we always make a big garden party with cousins,friends,neighboors etc. I have birthday in June and almost half of my family have it too :D so we used to buy a big and grill it :D it some sort of tradition and it will strenghten the family. (im sorry for the mistakes and hope you will understand:)
August 17, 2016
In this day, I always sad. But my dear friends every year offer celebrate my birthday. Every year my birthday is this home gatherings at the table.
August 17, 2016


Today is my birthday. I'm turning 34.

Too bad it's not a weekend. 

How do you celebrate birthdays in your country?

In the USA, most people celebrate by inviting friends and family to dinner at a restaurant or to their house. There's always cake, usually topped with however many candles the person is turning. So if I'm turning 16 years old, there would be 16 candles on my birthday cake. Some people bring balloons or other decorations. At night, if the person is older than 21, they celebrate with drinks at bars or clubs. For children, kids often play pin the tail on the donkey or hit a piñata. 

What I do on my birthday is go to all the places that give you free stuff on your birthday. Many food places give away free food if it's your birthday or discounts. 

August 17, 2016
It doesn't really matter how you celebrate it as long as you have no recollection of it the following day.
August 17, 2016

Thank you Paige for the corrections.

Of course I understood Soňa.

Thank you all for your comments.

I think the most important thing is to be with your friends and family. Right?


August 17, 2016
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