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Carlo Corona
Hello people of Scotland, please help me and send me a message!

Hello there! Are you okay? I hope so. I've almost written that I want to be helped because I think I'm going to move in Scotland next year, probably for the university. The problem is that I've never been in Scotland before, so I have no ideas where I'm going, the people I'll meet, if living there is expensive or not, etc. I want you let me know something more about Scotland and which city I should move in and also which university is the best or better than another one! Bye! 

(sorry for any mistakes I've done!)

2016年8月18日 02:07
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Hi Carlo, 

I am a Scottish guy living in Barcelona and a Teacher here on Italki  If you tell me where you are going and where you will live I will be happy to help with any questions you have.  I will return to Scotland in October to live. 


Hi Carlo, 

I am Scottish, and would be happy to answer any questions you have, but it would be a good idea to know which university you'll be going to. Even though Scotland is a small country, it has a lot of variation in prices and accents.

Regards, Andi

@Andi Hi Andi, thanks you replying me! I very would like to go to the University of Ediburgh or the University of Glasgow, because I read that they are one of the best Uni of Scotland. However, I also read that the University in Scotland is free for whom are EU citizens, is that true? I also want to know if scottish language is difficult to learn and if it is "capable" for whom, like me, is used to speak english, you know what I mean? Because I'm very afraid that, once I move in Scotland, it'll be very hard for me understanding scottish people. Is scottish too different than english? 
@Joseph, I'm also in Spain (Andalucia) and also returning home in October. Brefugee :(
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