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有趣的人是谁啊?,我还不知道! 大家好,我是美国人。可能我不明白“有趣的人”的意思。他们是谁?为什么?
Aug 18, 2016 3:15 PM
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It just means an interesting person.  A fun person, I suppose you could say a bit more colloquially.


He's a lot of fun / he's great fun.

Hope that helps,


August 18, 2016
September 19, 2016
if you think somebody is interesting, then you can say: 他是一个有趣的人。
August 20, 2016
有趣的人可以从很多方面理解,可能他/她是一个幽默的人,也可能他/她的经历很有趣,也可能他/她的想法很有意思,跟别人不一样。It's up to how we define "有趣”^^ Hopefully this help !
August 19, 2016

If "a fun person" is not suitable in the context.

That could be insinuating someone you and the speaker both know. May be a irony.

August 19, 2016
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