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A few tips for English learners

Hello! I'm Damian. I'm a native Spanish speaker who has been learning English for some years up to now. As a result, I can say I'm fluent in English. However, I made some mistakes in the learning process (it's my first foreign language). Back then, I didn't know some things that I now know (or at least realize).

I wanted to give some tips and tricks for all of you learning English out there. I don't intend to tell anybody what to do. Everyone is different and, as a consequence, learns different. Nonetheless, I think that there are things that may be applicable to many people who's learning English as a Second language. Also, some points may be taken for people learning other languages.

Without more delay, these are my suggestions:

* Be consistent: If you are learning a second language you have to take it seriously. You won't be fluent overnight but with commitment and motivation, you can go really far. Setting up a daily routine can make you learn faster and better.

* Like what you do: You have to really want to learn the language. Otherwise, you won't make it. Put some motivation into your studies. Chat with native (or not native) English speakers. Go find a club in your city where you can find people that speak English. Make friends that speak English as their native tongue. 

* Question your way of studying: You won't get close to your goal if you go with the wrong (and often traditional) methods. Having said that, is healthy for your learning that you are able to see how much improvement and how close to your goal you are. Assess yourself. See what is going well. And what's not. If you find that something doesn't work anymore, change it! 

* Try new things out:  Usually, change is something which is looked at with fear. Don't fall in that trap! Varying your methods is one of the best things you could do to advance in English. Variety and quality. Not only quantity.

* Dive into the English Speaking world: There are countless materials in English which you can use to your benefit. Do you like music? Many good bands and singers perform in English (not only natives). Do you prefer to watch movies? The English movie market is huge as most movies are made in English. Are you someone who enjoys reading newspapers and/or being informed of current affairs? New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, CNN or Reuters are only a few of the newspapers and news agencies that you can search for (if you haven't yet). Also, many non-speaking agencies deliver news in English language. As you see, quantity and quality should not be a problem if you are learning English.

Finally, I would like to tell you that English is not as tough as it seems to some people. It is up to you to take language learning to the next level. It is up to you to succeed in your language-learning mission. 

Aug 19, 2016 3:48 AM
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Wow, Damian! I agree with you — your tips are spot on. Of course, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating,” as we say, and I’d say that, despite some minor stylistic shortcomings, you write English as well as a native speaker — actually, better than most. I only noticed two mistakes: One word that was missing a final S, and another word that had an extraneous S. They may well have just been typos, but the misspelling of “assess” made me laugh my… oh, never mind, you get the idea :)

As far as where the missing S got to, we can find it in another sentence:

“Go find a club in your city where you can find people that speaks English.”

The verb should not end in an S, since the subject “people,” is plural.

Btw, your introduction (on your profile) is excellent — there’s only one single word I’d change. If you have time, you may want to consider teaching on italki.
August 19, 2016
There are no special requirements for community tutors, although you'll need to be good in order to attract and keep students here. You should offer to teach both English and Spanish, and your official video will showcase both languages.
August 19, 2016
This is very helpful! Thanks Damian!
August 19, 2016

Hey Phil! Thanks for your kind words. And thank u for spotting the mistakes. Haha

Do u think that I could do English informal tutoring on Italki? 

August 19, 2016
You're welcome Narat! :)
August 19, 2016
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