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I encounter a call liar I have just received a call fraud,SF,said that a package was seized,there was my passbook and 8 pieces for my fake ID.I said I did not,but also help me to call the police,and then go to a what is Guangdong Zhaoqing Public Security Bureau,and the Bureau of public security also told me to do the record,recording,said,this will be the criminal responsibility,was nearly scared me.I do not know that I was clever or stupid,said their name and mobile phone number,and then said that I submitted my said of the Public Security Bureau,then hung later,with my friend,said he was a liar,fortunately,did not say the information on the ID and bank card information.I  am about to cry.Now the liar was really clever.I hope everyone be careful.
Aug 19, 2016 8:22 AM
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Well, I hope all ends well for you. Never answer these calls with a "yes" or some similar sound. -Is this Ms. X I'm talking to? -Yes. -Do you want to buy product Y? -No!! -Ok, I'm sending you the parcel now, it'll be $999, agreed! -No!!! -You said yes! -No I didn't! -You did, bye!

Better to blurt out: -Who's asking? Or to blurt out: -Why do you ask?

There are fraud cases where firms rearrange the taped recording to make it sound as if you say -Yes, yes, yes!! to their products...

August 19, 2016
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