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Dan Smith
Missing rhyme puzzle, 8/18

In the United States, in 1929,  the stock market crashed. This began a 15-year period of very bad economic times called "The Great Depression." People lost their jobs and could not find new ones,  banks failed, people became homeless. People tried to fight off the depression with optimism. Radio stations decided to play nothing but optimistic songs. 

So, surprisingly, many songs full of happiness and cheer came out of the Great Depression. Here, we have one of them. The optimism in this song is very clear. 

I have replaced three words with blanks. The blanks do not show you how many letters are in the missing words. English spelling is very irregular. All three words end in exactly the same sound. However, that sound is spelled three different ways. 

They are all short, common words, but the third word is probably hardest. Here is a hint. Drag your mouse from here


I used all three of the missing words myself! Search for them in my notes about the song.


to see them.

You can hear a recording of the song at

You can listen to it first if you need an extra hint. The words of the song start at about 1:00.

Happy days are __________ again,

The skies above are __________ again,

So let's sing a song of __________ again,

Happy days are here again!

Your cares and troubles are gone

There'll be no more from now on...

Aug 19, 2016 10:49 AM
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Yes, Sudeep is right, and Laura got two out of three.

"Happy days are here again" means that we used to have happy days, the happy days were gone for a while, but now happy days are "here again" (have returned).

August 19, 2016

Thank you@Dan for another nice song:)It was great to know about "The Great Depression" as I heard this term before but didn't have any idea about it.So thank you for focusing light on it:)

When I first listened to the song,It was bit difficult to understand due to the accent and pronunciation but when I listened to it again, I got the 3 words:)

As @Laura has written and she is correct about last 2 words:)Every time she is correct or close to those words, which is really appreciable:)

Me, always guess but the wrong words:(BTW,better luck next time:)

Here are the 3 words-




Thank you:)

August 19, 2016

This is supposed to be easy (according to the hint we should see the words in the entry!) but I have no idea! Anyway I have enjoyed a lot your explanation and the recent financial situation is funnily not that different from the one you have described above.

Here there is my attempt but I Know this is not the correct answer because there is no way to make the "rhythm" ... I just hope I might have got one of the properly!

1. Called

2. Clear

3. Cheer

And now... I will cheat and listen to the song. I hopefully will get some of the words!

Thank you so much for these activities that are a good excuse to keep doing things in English! :)

EDITION:   Is it possible that I got 2 of the words correctly? I thought they didn't rhythm but after listening to the song I think they are fine (not sure though, my listening skills are not precisely good)

August 19, 2016
Dan Smith
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