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Hey there! What are sites that are best for learning korean? Or maybe you're a native speaker with hobbies? Do you want to bust myths about russians?:D Please leave a note if something applies to you!

I want to see how fast and how far I can go in learning new language from 0, not attending any courses or taking university classes (if there were any, though!), just on my own – by reading, watching videos&shows on web and chatting with people. It'll be hard at the beginning, I know, but I love challenges. Also I'm nice and I have tons of hobbies to discuss. So maybe someone knows good sites to learn korean? I found a bunch, but they don't give much to me (maybe I'm bad at googling? who knows), so any adivice will help! I want mo-ore lessons to learn! Or maybe you know a nice tv-show/youtube-channel with simple phrases and korean subtitles? That'd be awesome!

Also, I'd definitely be happy to find a native speaker (or a pro-student who'd wish to share their mighty knowledge with me). Come and say hi any time. Instead I can tell you a lot about Russia, russian culture, russian language (I'm pretty good at explaining things&teaching). If I find people who are interested in getting some knowledge about russian stuff, I might write few lessons/discussions or little articles about living in Russia/my language/etc (in russian or english).

So please, wanna find you, korean buddy \/ Gender/age/orientation/etc doesn't matter if you're interesting and nice.

P.S. The site won't allow me to mark this discussion as 'written in english', what should I do with my preferences?

2016年8月19日 15:33
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