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When should I use the opening question mark? → "¿"

I know many people know when, but even they ask themself it when they see a native spanish that don't use "¿".


Well, here is the answer for that misterious case:


"¿" → This is a opening question mark, and it's always, without any exception, used with this another one "?" But you will see a lot of native spanish writers that don't use it, but, why?.


It's simple, they're lazy. (Sorry if I offend someone).


Therefore, you should use it in every moment that you want to make a question.


The only one difference between "¿" and "?" is that the first one is for opening a question, and the second one for closing it.


Here are some examples:


¿Cómo te llama? → What's your name?

¿De dónde eres? → Where are you from?

¿Quieres un poco de agua? → Would you like some water?

¿Estoy escribiendo bien el español? → Am I writing good in Spanish?

¿Podría ayudarme con mis maletas? → Could you help me with my luggage?


And remember, never ever, if you want to write well, avoid "¿" or "¡" (to exclamation).


Thus, you must always use "¿" when you're making a question.



Aug 19, 2016 4:16 PM
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Thanks for your words Mumtaz. "I thought that

there are real cases that we don't use "¿" in them  ;)" That was exactly my intention.

And, I'm glad you're feeling good with your Spanish skills :)


August 19, 2016

You are funny Isaias :') when I started reading your discussion I thought that

there are real cases that we don't use "¿" in them  ;)

I'm glad that what I've learned is right and that I should use it in the beginning of

every question in Spanish. I often thought that Spanish native speakers must be

really curious and inquisitive to use two question marks instead of one :D

August 19, 2016

Muy cierto. Gracias Sabina. Muy útil la información.

Puedo entender que muchos usuarios, incluso de PC, no usan este signo de interrogación por no ser muy diestros con los ordenadores.

Hasta pronto.

August 19, 2016

Sometimes is very hard to find the "¿" in the keyboard! If you try in Mac, you should add the language in "settings" then in the right superior corner of the home screen you will see the flags, stand on them and the Spain flag will appear.

After selecting this flag the question mark will apear with the Shift+ < command :) 

I hope is useful for mac users! 


August 19, 2016
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