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Which is the best way to improve my pronounciation and to have a better English accent?

Hi everybody! :D 

I have been learning English for many years, and eventhough I have a B2-C1 level and my pronounciation isn't bad, I feel that my English accent isn't improving at all. Could you give me some advice on what can I do to improve it?


Aug 19, 2016 4:25 PM
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I agree with Phil: you should spend some time with someone who can guide you properly, such as a pronunciation teacher.  Shadowing is still a good option, but you also need to learn the sounds in the new language, even if it means learning the alphabet again.

One problem I've often encountered with my own language learning is that I wasn't saying what I thought I was saying.  I was following English pronunciation (and not, say, Italian pronunciation), or misunderstanding how certain pronunciation rules work (such as vowel reduction in Russian)  or I honestly didn't know how to make the sound in the first place.  I needed someone to tell me what I was saying wrong, and then show me how to do it right.

As for your accent, treat it as a continually-developing thing. A person's accent will change through life, depending on where they go, who they speak with, and so on.   You can train yourself towards certain accents, just as actors do, but remember to be open to influences.

August 20, 2016

Firstly i want to say that as long as you can be understood, then your accent is a beautiful thing, and it isn't necessary for you to lose it.

However, if you feel your accent is too strong I absolutely recommend shadowing to help you.

Here's a great video about how to do it from a Korean language teacher friend of mine.

and here's an article that he wrote that goes into more depth

Good luck!

August 19, 2016
Listen to some clean English music and sing along :) Or try and re-enact your favorite scenes from movies. Or talk to people and try to mimic them. Informal tutors actually help a lot in this regard as well, as most of our lessons are conversation based.
August 19, 2016

Try recording your voice saying something and then listen to a recording of a native English-speaker saying the same thing.  Then practice and record each word or phrase until you notice an improvement.  

Pick ONE English accent to copy.  Do not mix accents because you may become difficult to understand for everyone.  

There may be some words that you will never be able to say, and this is okay. Accents are cool!

August 20, 2016
I would talk slower speaking English than you do your native tongue, that's what I do. Also sound the words out in your head before you pronounce them, and make sure you say them clearly, but as far as imitating English accents go I can't help with that. I can't imitate native English accents, I can speak English fluently but imitate English accents not at all.
August 20, 2016
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