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Does Olympic Games in Rio make you feel like you're actually more connected to your country that you thought

The more I travel the more I feel connected to my country - Poland.

And right now, following Olympic Games in Rio I cannot help but feel so touched by all the effort of Polish sportmen.

Don't get me wrong - the world is beautiful and I feel like I'm "the baby of the world" and I love everything about the people, countries, cultures and everything else but somehow watching Olympic Games in Rio makes me actually cry when I see Polish sportsmen. Maybe sometimes the medalists from the other countries they could possibly make me feel the same just because of sports-like emotions but I don't know why is it so so so touching for me - those Polish in Rio - including fans, not only the ones who compete ;)

Olympic Games in Rio is another way to remind me where I am from and no matter where I will be I will always deal with my heart's beating faster when it comes to such a simple thing like seeing a white and red colour flag or the eagle emblem.

Wow, feels great! :)

Anybody feels the same?

Aug 20, 2016 12:16 PM
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I like the sentence ----"the world is beautiful and I feel like I'm the baby of the world":)me too feel like same as I have an appetite of knowing each and every bit of this world,everybody,every culture ,tradition,living,I mean everything.I wish when I leave this world I will have known everything about it.I know that I can't master all the things but who wants to be.I want to prefer to be a jack of all trades,and master of none,really can't bother me:)

Well,yes Rio Olympic tells me that I'm more connected with my country.Yesterday,One of the badminton players called P.V Sindhu got Silver and I watched her match and my heart was on my neck.She lost so close to Spain'sn World no-1 Carolina Marin.It was really an interesting game.Though all expected Gold but however she made to silver and that's a great thing.

So yes, whenever I watch the match of any players from my country,I feel like I'm more connected to my country and there is a great concern about my country at that moment,and there is no doubt about it:)

Thank you.keep smiling:)

August 20, 2016
I feel the same way but not as strong as you. It's patriotism I think. I always very nervous and emotional when Chinese sportmen are playing. I guess most people in the world would feel the same way as you do.
August 20, 2016

Not at all. I like watching the athletes' performances but I really don't care where they're from and I don't root for anyone based on nationality. 

August 20, 2016
August 20, 2016
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