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I want to improve my English skill

I want to improve English more efficiency.

Please tell me how you study language.


Aug 20, 2016 3:39 PM
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Hi Hikaru 
Well...I recommend people to listen and speak a lot, because those are the most important skills to learn a language, so you need to practice a lot.

* Listen to British or American music with lyrics:
I recommend you:

* Listen to podcasts in English:
I recommend you:

* See your favorite TV series in English (with subtitles in English)
There are many websites...
I recommend you:

* Download apps on your phone to improve your speaking.

* Make friends to chat in English (

* Follows Youtube channels in English
I recommend you:
August 21, 2016
Hi! I try to improve English too, so I listen to radio, watch movies (with subtitles) and speak with native speakers. Good luck! :)
August 20, 2016
First of all, I consider there is nothing more important than identifying the real problem with your target language. Some of the people are not good at speaking for instance, they have to identify why their speaking is not fluent enough. Some others are all bad in all skills. But it is more than likely that many people who cannot speak English fluently is just because their English proficiency in general is not good enough, in this case, they have to do a lot of work in organizing their  language logics in that language by reading, writing and listening.    
August 23, 2016
simple question, you need to date a boy who can speak English fluently.
August 21, 2016
The fastest way is to make friends!

I've never enrolled in any Japanese school but I could converse really well with Japanese people because I have many Japanese friends. I go out with them, and text them, just as how you would be with your friends. Friends teach for free, and they let you immediately learn which aspects of grammar or vocabulary are practical and frequently used. My grammar still sucks. It's a working progress, but already getting there each week through self study and conversation practice! Self-study with tons of practice really makes you perfect.
August 20, 2016
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